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Research and Extension Services - Research and Development Cell, Extension Services Cell
R&D Cell  
Research colloquia are conducted regularly for M.Ed and M.Phil scholar, to scrutinize their research work periodically.  
Doctoral committee meets once in every six months to scrutinize the course work and research related work and the report will be sent to Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai.  
Delete the faculty research guidance M.E  
Funded Research Projects completed and on-going
  S.No.   RESEARCH TITLE   Investigator   Duration   Amount
  1.   Developing Communicative Efficiency in English of B.Ed. Trainees   Dr.P.Rani Padmini   2 Years 2003-2005   Rs.45000 Completed
  2.   Empowerment of Women with Sensory Disabilities: Perspective and Intervention Programme   Dr.C.Janakavalli   3 Years 2005-2007   Rs.4.26 lakhs Completed
  3.   Interactional Effect of Level of Aspiration and Attitude towards Teaching on the Teaching Competency of teacher trainees   Dr.V.Usha Sri   2 Year 2007-2009   Rs.66000 Completed
  4.   An Investigation of Innovation and Best Practices in ICT Education in Teacher Education   Dr.T.Nagavalli   1 Year 2008-2009   Rs.60000 Completed
  5.   Developing Module for Pedagogical Approaches in Teaching Life Skills for Differently Abled Girls in Inclusive Education   Dr.C.Janakavalli   2 Years 2011-13   Rs.430000
  6.   E-teaching Competencies of School Teachers in Tamil Nadu   Dr.V.Priya   1 Years 2011-12   Rs.75000
  7.   Study of Dyscalculic Primary School Children in Salem District and Evaluation of Applicability of Innovative Strategies as Remedial Measures   Dr.T.Nagavalli   2 Years 2012-14   Rs.310000
  8.   Designing Instructional Strategies for Blended Learning to Transact B.Ed. curriculum   Dr.T.Nagavalli   2 Years 2012-14   Rs.532600
Extension Services Cell
Community Service
Service are being renclered according to the needs of villagers, professionals, like teachers, Doctors, lawyers, Police, women with sensory disabilities, child Labours, elderly citizens women and as per the requirement of the locality.
Extension Services of the College
In-service training programmes are conducted to teachers in different subjects of the Secondary and Higher Secondary levels as well as Psychology topics and Pedagogical skills.
IGNOU Study Centre for Women (B.Ed. Programme)
Since 2004, the College is offering B.Ed. of IGNOU exclusively for women candidates of this region.
Partner Institute of IGNOU
Sri Sarada College of Education (Autonomous) Salem-16 has become one of the Partner Institutions of IGNOU under Convergence Scheme from the academic year 2008-09 onwards. Under this scheme, the institution is offering certificate courses for a duration of six months under Model - I. In this model, the course study materials will be supplied. Examinations will be conducted by IGNOU. This is a scheme which gives provision for the partner institution to offer valuable add-on courses.
HEPSN Scheme
Under UGC's Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs (HEPSN) scheme, the special education cell is operative from 2006-07 with a total grant being Rs.9.46 lakhs.
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