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Academic libraries enable the students and staff to seek and cultivate reading habits, new knowledge, to engage vigorously and fearlessly, in the pursuit of truth and to interpret old knowledge and beliefs in light of new needs and discoveries
Departmental Academic libraries
These libraries are located on the departments of college and serve primarily the students and faculty of that subject and students of other academic disciplines. These departmental libraries are accessible to students to refer their subject books and to work more on academic activities.
Research libraries
our college is the pioneer institution in research which intends to produce more research work and offers M.Phil, and Ph.D. courses in both Full time and Part time. These libraries are intended for supporting scholarly research, and therefore maintain permanent collections and attempt to provide access to all necessary material. Our library contains more than 2000 reference books and 608 encyclopaedias as research resource.
Special libraries
Special libraries are distinguished form of special collections, which are branches or parts of a library intended for rare books, manuscripts, special materials such as braille books and similar material. We have such a special library for the benefit of visually impaired students who join B.Ed and M.Ed. courses. Library has been automated and bar coding is adapted.
The following data gives an overview about our library.
  Regional Journals 13
  National Journals 49
  International Journals 13
  Total Number of Book 23503
Number of Books journals added in the last quarter
July 15 Oct 15
Books 275- Rs. 78894
Journals 3- Rs.12900
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