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Examination - Credit System, Trimester
One of the Senior Faculty members (by turn) functions as the Controller of Examinations for a maximum of 2 terms (3 years per term). Credit system is followed since 1998. The ratio of Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and External Examination (EE) is 40:60. The passing minimum is 50% in both CIA & EE. The CIA is calculated by considering the marks scored in Sessional Test, Assignments, Mid-semester Examination, Revision Examination, Quiz, Seminar presentation, etc.  
Controller of Examinations
  Dr.T.Nagavalli, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  Results are published in website
Transparency in Examinations  
Those students who have been unsuccessful or those who feel that they secured marks lower than their expectation can pay the stipulated fees and go through the Photo copies of their valued answer script(s). In this way transparency has been ensured.  
Provision to Earn Extra Credits  
The trainees have the opportunity to study an extra Elective Paper in Fourth Semester and gain extra credits.  
Assessment Procedure  
Formative and summative assessment of theory and practical aspects of the student's learning is done. A Board of external examiners assesses the practical aspects. The question papers are set as well as evaluated for the Written Examinations by the external examiners recommended by Academic Council.  For M.Ed and M.Phil. courses double valuation is done.  
Provision for Improvement  
Students who wish to increase their percentage of marks can appear for improvement examinations on request adhering to the prescribed procedure.  
Students can apply for revaluation of their scripts on payment of the prescribed fee.  
Supplementary Examinations  
Candidates who have to reappear are given opportunity to write supplementary examinations within one month from the date of declaration of results.  
From the academic year 1997-98, credit system is being followed. It has been evaluated and found that the students are benefited by regularity, improved commitment and self-dependence in their studies.  
M.Phil. course is conducted as Trimester Course. Theory Examination for Paper I Advanced Study of Educational Research and Back ground Research Paper will be conducted after 3 months. Paper II Advanced Study of Educational Statistics and Paper III Advanced Study in Guidance and Counseling for Education will be after the next 3 months. Submission of Dissertation will be at the end of the year.  
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