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The College Emblem
The College Emblem symbolizes the lofty ideals of Sri Sarada College of Education. The bright Sun stands for the development of the Head and the knowledge that focuses things in their true light. The waxing Moon suggests the steady development of the Heart in love of God and of His creation. The significance of fine arts and crafts for the development of the Hand, enriching in life is suggested by the Veena. The emblem has been aptly designed symbolizing the harmonious development of the Head, Heart and the Hand of the Women teachers who emerge from this institution. Such a woman will be the Kamadhenu, the Divine Cow, whose service to humanity is abundant.  
Year   Establishment
1988   Conferment of Autonomy
1993   Quinquennial Review and Extension of Autonomy
1994   College Silver Jubilee Celebrations
"Frontiers of Knowledge" Research journal publication
1995   Inter-school Competitions by OSA
1996   I Phase of UGC Question Bank Workshop
1997   Introduction of Credit System in B.Ed. course
1998   Publication of SSCE Newsletter
Tutorial Group Projects
1999   Accreditation by NAAC
II Phase of UGC Question Bank Workshop
2001   Sarada Fiesta - Intercollegiate Cultural Competitions started
2003   Teaching Portfolios in B.Ed.
UGC Refresher Course in Value Education
2004   Establishment of IQAC
IGNOU B.Ed. Study Centre for Women
2005   KAIZEN and Quality Enhancement Programmes
UGC Network Resource Centre
Establishment of HEPSN Unit
MoU with Helikx Special School
Establishment of R&D Cell

2007   Reaccredited by NAAC with "A" Grade
Intel-XPDITTE in Teacher Education
Re-engineering B.Ed. Curriculum
2008   Affiliated to Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai
"Researchers Digest" M.Ed. Research abstracts journal publication
Introduction of Credit System in M.Ed. course
IGNOU Convergence Scheme - college as Partner Institution
Question Bank Workshop - Phase I of the new curriculum
Inter-collegiate Science Model Making Competitions started
2009   M.Phil. as Autonomous Course
2010   Question Bank Workshop
2011   Trimester System introduced for M.Phil. course
Full time Ph.D. Scholars enrolled
Publication of a quarterly national research journal
"Sri Sarada Journal of Frontiers of Knowledge" with ISSN No.2277-3398
"Research Chronicle" M.Phil., and Ph.D. Research abstracts journal publication
Question Bank Workshop
2012   Commencement of TET Coaching Classes, Visit of Ful bright Nehru Scholar, UGC Minor Project- Completion, NCERT- Major Research Project, NCERT and UGC Major project
2013   Establishment of Yoga cell, Inflibnet, UGC - Major Research Project
2014   Re- Accreditation (3rd Cycle) Completion of NCERT - Major Research Project, UGC Major project completion.
2015   U.G.C Major Project Completion
2016   Introduction of TWO Year B.Ed.,& M.Ed. Programme
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